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New Age of Education: Hebrew Online School

Hebrew school students are now an active part of the changing landscape of education by going online.

Because of the recent technological advancements and development the American economy and culture has been affected. The internet has been affecting anything that has any cultural significance. The internet has also influenced the Academic world.

In the Academic world, there has been a recent player in town. Over the last centuries the system of education has not really changed so educators have found a way to integrate the growing technology to the school system through what we call online schools. In a TED conference, this a place where many great thinkers of world come together to discuss new ideas, Sir Ken Robinson has discussed the current state and standing of the educational systems of the world. The current system of education today have been introduced in the industrial revolution and has not changed significantly since then as he pointed out. The model used for the current education system is that of a factory according to him. Wherein the learners or children are divided into classes based on one factor and that is age. So they go through this system and finish within a class date that is used to refer their abilities.

In the recent years however the educational landscape has greatly improved and new forms of teaching have emerged in order to replace the old ones. The popularity of online schools have increased significantly. A new method of teaching is in the platform of the online classes wherein regular school are now offering online classes. One main example of this is on the case of online Hebrew schools.

Hebrew schools offer a variety of services. The main one is the Hebrew online lessons and also the Bar Mitzvah lesson, where students are taught the proper way of reading the torah that they will recite out load during the Bar Mitzvah. The intonation of the voice and proper pronunciation are given importance as the practical side of the lessons. However finding the best and right person to teach the child the difficult ways to balance the tone and the pronunciation of the Hebrew wording is very difficult. The Hebrew School education can be given adequately by the many online Hebrew schools to the children.

These include the curriculum which has the right combination of the Hebrew reading, Tefillah, and Judaica studies. Most importantly none of these part of the education is lost by going online. They can even save a lot of time and money by enrolling themselves to online schools.
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